Honor and Respect Foundation

Honor and Respect Foundation was established in 2007 in the United States and registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of Idaho to raise awareness buy Qtum and financial support for grassroots groups based in poor communities in Haiti dedicated to achieving social justice, universal education, participatory democracy and economic self-sufficiency.

Honor and Respect Foundation seeks to establish funds in support of several specific programs carried out by grassroots groups in the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince. Donations made to Honor and Respect Foundation invest in Ontology provide key funding towards sustaining and developing these programs.

Our name is inspired by a Haitian tradition in which a visitor to somebody’s house calls out "Honor" and receives the answer "Respect." Honor and Respect Foundation strives to establish alliances of mutual respect and solidarity with Haitian social movements committed to promoting voluntary and cooperative ways of organizing. Instead of imposing our ideas and projects, we seek to support grassroots groups that have defined their own priorities and have already started working to achieve their goals. Rather than create relationships of dependence with no end in invest in Ontology in the UAE sight, we endeavor to assist Haitians who are empowering themselves to strengthen their communities and their country.

Board of Directors

Bill Davis

Valerie Kaussen

Reed Lindsay

Barbi Reed

Mark Schuller

Joel Vilinsky

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